Outdoor lighting and garden lighting can make or break your garden. Giving it massive depth and making a feature out of your favourite plants and trees.

Outdoor Lighting For The Driveway

Wouldn’t it be nice to drive into your driveway and have the entire garden come a light in front of you ?

There are many ways of controlling driveway lights. A common approach is to include a motion sensor that can detect movement from cars or people. The other is to have a light control sensor that can turn on a dusk every night so that you can feel safe driving into your driveway.

Outdoor Lighting For the Garden

Would you like to enjoy your garden any time day or night? There are a wide range of garden lighting solutions to illuminate your garden and paths. These range from uplights to highlight large trees to spike lights which illuminate paths or shrubs.

Deck Lighting Options

Deck lighting can help with safety as people maneuver about your deck at night by increasing visibility. You can also highlight the deck area and create a nice mood for entertaining.

What Your Outdoor Lighting or Garden Lighting Comes With:

  • LED’s that offer a choice of any colour to suit any colour scheme
  • LED’s that deliver an inexpensive way of highlighting your garden or outdoor area
  • Options to have remotes or switching via sensors

Types of outdoor and garden lights include:

  1.  Spike Lights for driveways/gardens
  2. Deck Lights
  3. Garden Bollard lighting
  4. Step Lights
  5. Wall Lights
  6. LED Strip Lights

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