Switchboard Upgrades

Repairing or improving the heart of your home or office’s electrical system doesn’t need to be difficult or exorbitantly expensive. Get switchboard upgrades in Melbourne that are fully guaranteed, insured, and delivered by certified experts – today.

How much does replacing a switchboard cost? Get an upfront cost with our quote including a single price that covers everything. No hidden costs billed after the job or by the hour – we make sure you know the exact cost, and our cost is highly competitive for the industry.

The switchboard is one of the most vital parts of your property’s electrical infrastructure. It controls how power is distributed to the different circuits within the walls of your home. This means that if you notice a problem with loss of power or tripping safety switches, it’s often your switchboard that is to blame.

If your switchboard is more than 20 years old it may be wired with unsafe fuses that are older in style and not the newer circuit breakers. Old fuses in switchboards put your property at fire risk. Our switchboard upgrades and replacements comply with the Australian standard and are installed with strict safety guidelines.

The most popular jobs we get asked to perform on switchboards generally include safety protection against surges and fire, including:

Switchboard Repairs

Have you noticed one of the problems mentioned above? Strange power losses? Safety switches that won’t stay on? The first thing that you need to get checked out is your switchboard.

Switchboards can sometimes be installed with wiring to the wrong circuit breaker. Does your switchboard trip if you have a few appliances on at the same time? Or does turning one light on make another turn  off? Even if your switchboard is newer and fixed with circuit breakers, sometimes the wires can be mixed up. We can check the switchboard and quickly correct any wiring mistake on the spot. Our switchboard repair service is available across Melbourne.

Switchboard Upgrades

Outdated systems often aren’t able to keep up with power demands of modern appliances, and the sheer number of electrical devices that can now be found in the average household. If you’ve got a big shiny new TV and haven’t updated your home’s electrical system to handle it for example, you may see problems if you keep adding new and more power-intensive devices. Upgrading your switchboard will help to prevent short circuits and the risk of fire or power loss.¬†

Switchboard upgrades provide peace of mind with circuit breakers greatly reducing the fire risk and electrical shock risk. If you plan om selling your home it is advised to upgrade your switchboard before the home is put on the market. Not upgrading your switchboard may deter buyers or lead them to overestimate the repair/renovation cost of the home.


switchboard upgrade

In this image we have a 1970s Federal switchboard with old plugins and fuses. A safety switch has been retrofitted to the side however the majority of the home was not protected. All of the circuits, only having fuses meant that the circuits had run 20% over their rated amount, before blowing.

Switchboard Upgrades

In this image, we have replaced the entire switchboard with circuit breakers and single hole safety switch/circuit breakers (also known as RCBOs). For added protection we installed a surge protector to protect the house from any over voltage in the area. The owner is likely to save on further electrical maintenance costs throughout the home.

Surge Protection

Power surges happen on an irregular basis, but by planning ahead you’ll negate any damage they can cause. The most common types of surges are due to:

  1. Power outages
  2. Switchboard malfunctions
  3. Power company faults
  4. Lightning strikes

To prevent the serious damage to the electrical systems and appliances in your property that voltage spikes of this kind can cause, you’ll need a surge protector. These devices earth the excess voltage, diverting it away from your valuable devices!

Surge protectors will save you money by protecting your expensive appliances like fridges, televisions, computers and mobile phones. Voltage surges that travel through the wires and renders your electrical items useless are not often covered by insurance.

Businesses that rely on computers and electrical devices – which is most businesses these days – need to install a surge protector. Get the right advice on the best surge protector to suit your business and give us a call now to book a call out.

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